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Texas Tech Police Use Bus To Curb Alcohol Use At Red Raider Games

Alcohol citations are up 40% on the Texas Tech campus. Those citations include anything from public intoxication to minors drinking alcohol. However, there is one way Texas Tech Police are trying to curb alcohol use at Red Raider home football games.

It is called a booking bus, think of it like a mobile jail. Anyone can get on, adult or student, and end up at the Lubbock County jail.

As the Red Raiders defeated the Aggies in one of the biggest games of the season, thousands of fans barbequed and boozed it up. But four ended their game day on a bus heading toward the Lubbock County Jail.

Texas Tech Police Chief Ron Seacrist says, "Last game we had four people arrested which is very, very low considering it being an A&M game and it being a sold-out game. And the previous game we only had four arrested."

However, the four arrested were brought to a booking bus, parked just outside Jones AT & T Stadium.

"The officer brings them to the first bus that's back behind me. We use this bus as a mobile office to complete paper work and swap out hand cuffs from the officer that made the arrest," Texas Tech Police Lieutenant David Parker said.

If you end up on the bus your picture is taken, paperwork processed and yellow handcuffs put on. Then you'll be taken across the street to another bus, heading downtown to jail.

Lt. Parker says they usually wait 15 to 20 minutes before transporting those on the bus. He says, "It depends on when we get the van back from the Lubbock Sheriff's Office. And like I said, they'll take them down in a group of 4 or 5."

Tech Police set up the mobile booking site in two Citibuses leased from the City of Lubbock. Lt. Parker tells us it is a place to make arrests, not sober up.

"If the person is taken into custody and they're arrested, they will be transported to the Lubbock County Jail and booked in for whatever charges they are arrested for."

Lt. Parker tells us this bus is not new but it does appear to be keeping arrests down at games. Again, overall alcohol citations are up about 40% on campus.

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