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Bad Numbers for Red Light Cameras

The city is touting a 5.5% reduction in overall crashes across Lubbock, but at intersections with red light cameras, rear end crashes nearly doubled.

"Over all, crashes are up at those intersections. The ones due to red light violations are actually down, rear end crashes are up and total injuries are down," said Marsha Reed with the city.

Overall crashes at red light camera intersections increased from 93 in July through September of 2006 to 140 during the same time period this year. Rear end crashes are up too nearly doubling, going from 42 to 80 during the same time period.

Still the city believes it too early to have any conclusive numbers.

"Three months is just not enough time statistically to make a decision on that. What the numbers show is, we're having reductions in the red light running violations that are issued. Who knows, next month it might jump up again. It's really too early to tell," Reed added.

When city council voted to install these cameras, the big debate was whether the cameras were for safety or to make money. Councilman John Leonard was the only one to vote against the cameras.

"It's not about safety, clearly it's not about safety, rear end collisions have gone up, the only thing it's for is revenue," said Leonard.

The city tells us that of those who have received tickets from red light cameras, only 60% have paid.   NewsChannel 11 tried to contact the mayor, who voted in favor for the cameras, to discuss these numbers, but were unable to reach him.

Like the city said, it's been three months and for good numbers they'll need about a year.

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