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Consider This... Collisions at Red Light Camera Intersections

After three months on the job, Lubbock's red light cameras are producing results.

I'm told city-wide crashes are down 5 ½ percent. That's the good news.

The bad news is, and it's no real surprise, crashes have increased dramatically at the very intersections that have these cameras. Up 50% year to year. Plus rear-end collisions at these intersections have almost doubled, up 90%.

So consider this, so far these numbers suggest red light cameras intersections have become more dangerous.

In addition, I'm told the city is only collecting 60% of the fines. Plus, a new law will eventually force them to split that money with the state and that's only after the camera company gets their cut.  

So after three months, whether you want to argue safety or money, is this program really worth it?

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