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Alleged Shooting Turns Into A Different Story

New details are revealing a different story about what was first reported as a shooting Tuesday.

It happened just outside a Lubbock convenience store Tuesday afternoon. When police arrived at 4th and Detroit, witnesses said a teen had been shot in the head. Witnesses were able to lead police to a suspect.

Wednesday, NewsChannel learned the teen was not shot, but there is good reason for all that confusion.

Witnesses did hear a gun shot, but we now know that 18-year-old Ruben Sifuentez Junior wasn't shot. The gun apparently went off when the suspect repeatedly beat the teen with the gun.

"I was crocheting in my chair and I heard I thought it was a firecracker," says Janet Fuentes, who lives in the area.

"I was at the pool cleaning and all I heard was a loud gunshot and some tires taking off like they were in a hurry," says Angel Flores, who works in the area.

"I saw the guy standing with a towel to his head with a bunch of people beside him. The lady inside said he got shot in the head twice," says Drew Walker, who lives in the area.

But none of these people saw what really happened Tuesday afternoon. Original reports said 18-year-old Ruben Sifuentez Junior was shot in the head.

"About ten minutes to 4 p.m. officers were called to 2904 4th Street in reference to a shooting," that was what Lt. Scott Hudgens told NewsChannel 11 on Tuesday.

Blood on the ground indicated that someone was hurt. Wednesday authorities announced Sifuentez was actually beaten with a gun when a shot was fired. Fortunately no one was hit.

Witnesses saw the license plate on the suspect's car and gave it to police. That led them to the 2200 Block of Urbana where they arrested David Valdez who was already wanted for theft warrants.

The 19-year-old is now charged with aggravated assault and felony possession of a firearm. Police still don't have a motive, but people who live in the area think it was an isolated incident.

"It's a good area. It's a good place," says Flores.

"I feel safe here. I don't know what that was about but I feel safe here," says Walker.

 Sifuentez is recovering at home after being released from UMC Wednesday morning.

Arrest Made in Tuesday's Shooting in North Lubbock
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