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Get Fit Lubbock Participants Lose Over 3,000 Pounds

It has now been on month since Get Fit Lubbock started.  The 12-week Healthy Lubbock initiative has been challenging teams in the Lubbock area to improve their health and fitness. More than a 1,000 people are taking part in teams of six or more. We have been following a team at UMC called the DeJunkers, and it has been a month since we've checked in on them.

The measuring tape is back out and the scale is ready. 

"We're getting scared and fix'n to step on the scale," said Scott Brown.

Over the last month, the DeJunkers have been working as a group to beat the scale and other teams.

Team member Jackie Underwood said, "The competition has made it fun."

 There are 145 teams taking part in Get Fit. Teams earn points for losing weight, exercising, and community events like Race for the Cure. Attending lunchtime Get Fit Lectures also earns points and possibly drops pounds.

To do that, the DeJunkers go to Bodyworks to pump iron.

Tina Bilberry has been taking the class with her teammates. She says, "I didn't think I could do any of those Bodyworks classes. However, I have enjoyed one of those. And so I'm going to do it three times a week."

Yet others choose to burn calories outdoors by lacing up their sneakers and going for a walk. 

"I have just been walking almost every day if I can. I got a puppy and we walk him and the kids so we're all kinda getting exercise," said Emylee Anderson.

  A number of every day efforts, which appear to be working for the DeJunkers.

 "We've lost 65 1/2 pounds in a month. We've DeJunked a lot of fat," said Team Captain Tammy Segarra.

The 12,000 get fit participants have dropped more than 3,000 pounds combined. In addition, to keep those pounds coming off, Healthy Lubbock is planning a pep rally for mid November.

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