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Levelland Girls Volleyball Players Remember Another Accident

On Friday, the Levelland girl's volleyball team will play its first game since a fatal traffic accident.

Brownfield farmer Loyd Yowell was killed in that collision on highway 385 Tuesday. A funeral for the 77-year-old was held Thursday afternoon. And just hours later, the team held its first practice since the tragedy.

"It was really scary. I mean it happened so fast," said team member Bethany Longoria.

"I felt the brakes and I jumped up and the next thing I knew we were sliding," said team member Kyra Taylor.

"Probably the worst experience ever ‘cause when we were going it was kind of in slow-motion to me," said team member Kirstie Avery.

"The first thought was...it was a fear. I mean to see that coming. It scares you," added Coach Jason Williams.

The team recounts the moments as their team bus slid off the road.

"This is my first accident and it was really scary. But I'll definitely always remember it," said team member Rhealeith Ortiz.

"All I remember is looking at the floor and saying I'm fixing to slam my face into the ground," said Longoria.

"My main concern was to get them out of the bus and get them safe," the coach added.

And this isn't the team's first accident together.

"The first one, I actually seen the cement truck coming ‘cause I was walking down the aisle and we were getting to the stop light and this truck was coming full speed at us," said Taylor.

On December 16, 2005, another Levelland bus was hit by a speeding cement truck.

"All I heard was all the girls saying, why us? Why us again," said Taylor.

"One was a month after my birthday and one was a month before so I'm afraid of what's going to happen on my birthday," said team member Mackenzie Macha.

But even after two bus accidents, a broken tail bone, a broken finger, a sprained arm and concussions, these girls are moving forward... as a team.

"It has just made us come closer together and I believe that it's. We're ready to go out and play again. We're ready to be strong, even strong than we already were," said team member Desiree Masquias.

The Loboettes play their first game since the accident Friday night against Lubbock Cooper.

31 People Sent to Hospital Following Collision Between a Bus and a Cement Truck
Two people remain in the hospitalize Friday night following a collision between a school bus and a cement truck in Levelland. It happened just before 3 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 114 and Alamo.

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