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CPS Takes Two Children After Stabbing

Courtesy:Lubbock Sheriff's Office Courtesy:Lubbock Sheriff's Office

Family members are now giving us new details about a northwest Lubbock stabbing. 

Amy Haney was in intensive care at University Medical Center Thursday night.  She suffered more than 20 stab wounds in Wednesday night's attack.  Her brother, Curtis Nay, was also in the ICU with stab wounds Thursday.

The man accused of stabbing both victims is Amy's husband, Tim Haney. He's now charged with aggravated assault and two counts of abandoning a child. 

We've also learned Child Protective Services removed two children from that home.  CPS could not tell us anything more, but according to the police report, Tim Haney is accused of speeding away in his SUV after the stabbing.  The report says his two children were inside the vehicle at the time.  We spoke with Tim Haney's brother Thursday night.  He tells us Amy and Tim have two daughters together, ages ten and seven.

We now know the fight apparently started over an alarm clock and turned violent.

911 Call: "The guy drove off. My friend went to get the guy's license plates. We don't know what happened." 

A fight lead folks in one northwest Lubbock neighborhood outdoors late Wednesday night. What they found left some confused and scared.

911 Call: "There is a situation to where we've got a stabbing and a shooting. I am getting out of here because I don't know there might be gun shots."

911 Call: "He ran up, and scared the dog out of me, and he said call the police I just got stabbed. He didn't have his shirt on, and he was pouring blood. It looked like an artery because it was gushing out."

Before EMS arrived, neighbors tried to help Amy Haney and her brother Curtis Nay.

911 Call: "There are two stabbings. One man is stabbed in the neck. One lady is stabbed in the stomach, and having trouble breathing."

911 Call: "She's hurting. She's hurting bad. She's bleeding bad."

911 Call: "The lady right here is in a bathrobe.  We're tying up the wound."

About ten minutes after the stabbing, police found the suspect, Tim Haney, behind Wal-Mart on 82nd & Milwaukee. He had apparently wrecked his SUV, and had cuts on his arms which family now tells us were self-inflicted.

Paramedics treated Haney in the ambulance. He was later turned over to the police.

Tim Haney's brother tells us that his brother was on probation but he didn't tell us why. He said Tim just recently came to Lubbock and had been diagnosed as bi-polar.

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