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Lubbock Contractors Help Others Stay Warm This Winter

This Saturday morning the South Plains Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America will spend their day offering free winter inspections.

Their appointment books are already full, but contractors NewsChannel 11 how you can be sure your heating system is safe.

 Ronald Chambless with the South Plains Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America says, "It takes a minimum, with two people each home, about 30 to 45 minutes. If we see problems we'll repair it."

Chambless is talking about Heat the Town. It's a program where local contractors donate time and equipment to ensure elderly and disadvantaged citizens will be safety heating their homes this winter.

"We go out to 50 homes and ensure they're safe and check for Carbon Monoxide and give a good line up. Those spots are filled .We have only a certain window each year," Chambless added.

 So, NewsChannel 11 gathered these tips to keep your home safe when warming up this winter.

Tim Conrad with Roto-Rooter says first carefully remove your furnace's paneling.

"You want to make sure there is no dust visible inside the combustion chamber," Conrad said.

Next turn your furnace on.

"We inspect our flame. The bluer the flame, the cleaner the flame. Orange and yellow inside a flame in a furnace means you have dirt in your system, or you're leaking air, or improper combustion," Conrad added.

Then look at your filter.

Conrad says, "Slide your filters out and check to make sure they're clean. It's a good thing to carry them outside, make sure you can see light through them."

By taking the time to check out your furnace, you may also safe your family money.

Conrad says, furnaces and or air conditioners not properly maintained on a regular basis can cost homeowners between 10-15% more on their energy bill.

He warns homeowners not to remove any electrical wires. Instead, he says you should have your furnace checked annually, by a licensed professional.

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