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Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too

When 59 year-old Steven Feder saw blood on his pillow, he spent two days wondering what it could be. Then on the third day, "I found some spots on the left side of my tee-shirt and realized that it was coming from my left nipple."

Oncologist George Raptis says it's shocking for many men, and women, to realize that men can get breast cancer, too. Doctors warn that since men are often unaware of this, they discover symptoms when the disease is in a later stage.

"If there is anything unusual regarding your breast whether it's discharge, coloration, whatever; you should immediately see your doctor and that will save a lot of aggravation, and maybe even your life," said Steven a breast cancer survivor.

Breast cancer in men is rare, Doctor Raptis says it may be hard for men to find support groups and information, but the Mount Sinai Medical Center's Breast Health Resource Program has started a support group, called Blue Ribbon Men's Group, which puts men with breast cancer in touch with another from anywhere in the country.

To connect with someone from the group you can call the Breast Health Resource Program at 212-987-3063.

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