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Consider This... Who To Thank Come Tax Time

Do you want a snapshot of what your elected officials have done to your taxes over time? You need look no further than the back of your 2007 tax statement. It came in the mail last week.

For most of us, it's the one that says do not pay. And we usually ignore it because it is added to our mortgage statement. But turn it over and you'll see your tax bill broken down by each of the five taxing entities.

You pay the biggest chunk of your taxes to the school district. Next is the city, then the county, the county hospital is next, and the smallest portion of your bill goes to the water district.

Thanks to our conservative state leaders, the biggest part of your bill, your school tax rate, went down significantly this year. So, thank you Rick Perry and the state legislature for this mandated tax relief.

But what I found most interesting was the five year analysis of my taxes broken down by each entity. Take a look. In the last five years, Lubbock County's tax rate has gone up a staggering 60%. Lubbock Independent School District's tax rate is down 23%. Again, that was in thanks to the state mandated reduction. The City of Lubbock's tax rate is down 20% in five years, thanks to the conservative momentum created in 2003 by Councilmen Gary Boren, Tom Martin, Jim Gilbreath and former Mayor Marc McDougal. The county hospital tax rate is up 12% and the water district rate is down 5%.

Consider this, if you want to know why you will be receiving an escrow refund this year or paying less property tax and who you have to thank, just turn your 2007 tax statement over. I for one, will be using this to help me decide who to vote for come election time. 

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