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Melon Ease Wedge Cutter: Does It Work?

This is the Melon Ease Wedge Cutter.  This is a cantaloupe. Could this be a match made in fruit heaven?  We'll see.

First, I had to cut the melon in half and then take the seeds out.  You see, this product is supposed to section the melon easily without having to cut it by hand and without getting your hands sticky.  It also has a metal blade that slices each section away from the skin. This product is only 10 bucks, but Does It Work?

Once you have the seeds out of the melon, mash the wedge down into the melon.  But it is really not as easy as it sounds.  I had to wiggle it, press down hard on it until I just couldn't give any more.  I did manage to find strength to twist the handle to cut out the sections.

However, there was so much of the melon still left on the rind.  Ok, what about the other half? Could this product do any better now that I have a better grip on it?

Negative.  I really had to work it, wiggle it and the wedge cutter just wasn't cutting it.  Let me tell you what I mean.

I cut my cantaloupe close to the skin with a knife because you get more fruit.  The melon cutter, on the other hand, left about half an inch of fruit.  The Melon Ease Wedge Cutter Doesn't Work!


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