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Lasers Can Now Remove Bulging Veins Around Eyes

Lasers are being used for minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, erasing brown spots and scars. But you may not know they can also be used now to remove bulging veins around the eyes.

The best way to describe it says Dr. Neal Schultz, a Dermatologist, is "sort of like stepping on a garden hose that you put glue in. The two sides will glue together and nothing can flow through it, if you do that to a blood vessel and no blood can go through it, there's no longer a blue, bulging vein. Anything else in the body that isn't used and stuck together like that, the body reabsorbs and it goes away."

Immediately after treatment, the vein is less visible.

If you're interested in this procedure, you can get more information from a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or vascular radiologist.


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