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USDA Expands 'My Pyramid' Nutrition Guide

Remember the "My Pyramid" nutrition guide from the USDA?

The government has expanded it now to include pregnant and nursing women. That means if you're expecting or have an infant at home you can go to to learn how to meet your special needs.

It's kind of like your own personal nutritionist on the web. You type in your age and weight and some basic information and this new program will create your own personal nutrition plan.

"My Pyramid for moms is really gonna provide some great advice for mothers during this period when they're so interested not only in their own nutrition but obviously the nutrition for the health of their child. This will give them the information, the types of food choices that they will make that are specifically tailored toward this important period in their life," says Charles Connor, Deputy Secretary of US Agriculture.

Experts warn all pregnant and breastfeeding women should see a doctor first they can use this plan in conjunction with the recommendations made by their ob-gyn.

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