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HealthWise at 5 From 4.1

  • Bone Cancer Trial

Cancer patients are being sought for a new, multi center study aimed at relieving the crippling pain of bone cancer. Patients will receive radio frequency ablation treatments, which have shown significant success in preliminary studies. During the treatment, a doctor delivers radio frequency energy directly to the tumor via an array of thin electrodes. The energy then heats and destroys the tumor. The patients' pain will be monitored for six months. The only clinic in Texas participating in this study is MD Anderson in Houston.

  • Delaying Kidney Failure

There is new hope for patients with Type-2 Diabetes that could delay the onset of Kidney Disease. Researchers studied nearly 1,000 patients over three years and found that treatment with 'Ace' Inhibitors slowed the rate of renal failure. The key is treating the genetic root of Kidney Disease by focusing on the 'Ace' gene. Experts say that gene is responsible for more than 40 diseases including Heart Failure and high blood pressure.

  • Bumps for Bones

A bumpy ride is apparently the key to building bone density while cycling. Researchers at the University of Utah measured the bone density of two groups of elite male cyclists road racers and mountain bikers and they found the mountain bikers had denser bones. In fact, the road racers bones were similar to a control group of men who did not cycle competitively. The experts conclude that the jolts, pops, and scrapes suffered by the off-road athletes probably explain what amounts to tougher bones from the rougher rides.

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