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Forgetting Medication

It's estimated that pharmacists dispense three and a half billion prescriptions every year in the US, but how many of those drugs are actually taken or just forgotten?

"One-third of the people in the United States take some of their medication, one-third of them take all of their medication and one-third of them take none of their medication," says Roger Scott, pharmacist.

Scott says patients not only forget to take their medications, but they often misread the directions when they do take them.

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores reports that 23 percent of patients admitted to nursing homes are there because they are not taking their medication as they should. Something that is often an honest mistake, we just forget.

Pharmacists will tell you the best investment you can make when you pick up a prescription is an inexpensive plastic pill case which has a different color for everyone in the family, because that's the best way to help you keep track of daily medications.

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