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New Procedure To Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common cause of blindness among the elderly, but it can strike at any age. Now, a new, minimally invasive procedure, called canalopolasty, can stop the disease in its tracks.

"There is a fluid chamber obviously within the eye, when glaucoma occurs, fluid, pressure builds up in the eye because it's a closed system and the damage that occurs is back here at the optic nerve. What canaloplasty does is allows us with microsurgical techniques to open up the internal drainage channel of the eye. And then we place a small suture that keeps it open and that's how this procedure works, reducing the pressure, decreasing the chance for damage to the optic nerve," says Dr. Bradford shingleton, Opthalmologist.

One patient had the procedure done back in January for her glaucoma. Now, months later, she says her eye pressure is consistently low. In fact, she no longer needs to treat her right eye with drops.

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