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Plastic Surgery May Help Migraine Headaches

26 million Americans suffer from Migraine Headaches, and until now there's been no cure, but dozens of people, like Teri Schenk, are finding relief from plastic surgery. Two years-ago, Teri began Botox treatments for her Migraines. That is where doctors use tiny amounts of Botulism Bacteria to paralyze forehead muscles and reduce wrinkles. For Teri, it stopped her Migraines.

Botox wears off in weeks, but the success of that treatment told doctors she would be a good candidate for what is called Forehead Rejuvenation Surgery. That is when doctors remove the muscle in the forehead that is pressing on the nerve that is triggering the Migraines.

It worked. Teri's Migraines disappeared with a pleasant side effect. "I only had say 10% of a normal life before the Migraine, and now I have 100% of a normal life," says Teri Schenk a former Migraine patient.

"Many of these patients look better because we have eliminated the gravity effect we have eliminated the muscles that's creating lines between the eyebrows," says Bahman Guyuron, M.D. of American Migraine Center.

This procedure has a 95% response rate for Migraines. So, it's not a cure, but most are at least reduced, and not to mention a nice side effect for some looking to turn back the clock.

Patients first see a Neurologist, if standard treatment does not work, Botox is tried. If that works, surgery. Doctor Bahman Guyuron is training his colleagues to open similar Migraine centers around the country.

For more information on the American Migraine Center in Cleveland, Ohio call (440) 442-6000.

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