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Report Suggests All Children Be Screened for Autism

A major group of pediatricians is urging all parents to add one more screening to the list...autism.

The report is from the American Academy of Pediatrics which suggests that every child be screened for autism between the ages of 18 months and 2 years old, regardless of their behavior.

That's because there is an unexplained increase in children with autism today. A new case is diagnosed in this country every 20 minutes and there is no cure.

You can watch some new videos at to see what autism may look like early on. A typical child is on the left and a child at risk for autism on the right.

Since a formal diagnosis can take up to a year, sometimes longer, the AAP says doctors need to step up and order therapy just as soon as autism is suspected.

"When pediatricians look at children now for their well baby check-ups, they're usually checking them physically. But they're not checking their mental or intellectual development, and that's as critical," says Lee Grossman, Autism Society of America.

Living with autism is a challenge, but these children can have great improvements, and the autism society insists their chances are much better when treatment can begin after an early diagnosis.

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