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Good Treatments Available for STD's

Genital Herpes is the most common Sexually Transmitted Disease in the U.S. affecting one out of every five Americans. Yet its negative stigma leaves many patients isolated and ashamed. In recognition of STD awareness month, doctors are trying to get the word out that, especially for Herpes, there are several good treatments available today.

"My symptoms usually ranged from an itching, burning feeling. I get numbness and pins and needles in the back of my legs," says Gina Solis, a patient who has Herpes.

"In Gina's case she used Famvir which decreased her outbreaks from monthly to once or twice per year and when she did break out she had many less symptoms, much less pain, burning, and irritation," said Hillary Baldwin, M.D. of University of New York.

"My self esteem is back. I'm doing the things I want to do. It doesn't stop me from doing the things I love doing as it did when I would have the outbreaks," says Gina.

Anyone who thinks they have Genital Herpes or any other STD should see their doctor, or you can call the American Social Health Association at 1-877-411-HERPES.

For more information on Genital Herpes, (click here).

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