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Parents Spend Big Money This Halloween

Trick or treaters will soon hit the streets decked out from head to toe. Ninjas, Transformers, witches and princesses are just a few of the characters that will most likely knock on your door Halloween night.

NewsChannel 11 caught up with parents who say they've dropped a frightening amount of money this Halloween.

Halloween may not be the biggest commercial holiday, but it comes in a scary second behind Christmas. Parents we spoke with were spending anywhere from $25 to $100 per costume per kid, which is why one Halloween costume shops tell NewsChannel 11 business couldn't be better.

We know Halloween is a thriller for the kids, but it can have scary consequences for mom and dads' checkbook. But for places like Spirit Halloween Superstore business is booming.

"It's been fantastic. Our sales have been up this year so that's good," says co-owner Paige Oliver.

Oliver says costumes typically range in price from $15 to $100. Top costume picks for boys include Transformers, Ninja Turtles and Spider Man. For girls, costume favorites include witches and Disney Princesses.

Aside from having the most popular concert in the nation, Hannah Montana also has the most popular costume, evident by the empty shelves at Spirit Halloween Superstore.

Employees say they've even witnessed parents become goblins before they're very eyes.

"They're like you don't have Hannah Montana! They freak out," says Oliver.

A reason why some parents have gotten creative and saved money at the same time.

"My mom made the costume," says one Halloween shopper.

"We went to the specialty stores and actually put them together. We just bought a piece here and there," says another Halloween shopper.

But other parents say more money was spent creating their own ensemble.

"I thought making it would be cheaper, but it's not you spend a lot on fabric accessories," says a Halloween shopper.

Perhaps the real thriller for parents will be the big bag of candy their little ghost and goblins bring home.

And here's a bargain for next year - all merchandise at the Spirit Halloween Store will be 50 percent off Thursday and Friday.

Here's a few reminders before you hit the street with your little ones.

  • Place reflective material on the costume so drivers can see you.
  • Carry a flashlight.
  • Use sidewalks and cross walks.
  • Travel in groups with adult supervision.
  • Parents should inspect all treats before the kids eat it.

Another reason why parents should feel better about trick or treating. Area authorities will be knocking on doors of some sex offenders to make sure their porch lights are off and they're not handing out candy. It's called Project Lights Out.

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