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The Power Scoop: Does It Work?

You're about to enter the dungeon tunnel.  Here, you'll find spiders with eerie eyes and the Power Scoop!  Ok, it's not so scary, but you haven't seen it in motion yet. It's supposed to easily clean out the pumpkin you want to carve.   But for $8, Does It Work?  

After cutting the lid of my pumpkin we're ready for the Power Scoop.  The scoop's spinner acts like a scraper.  After using it for a little bit, I noticed the motor was not strong.  "Hear it going fast?  See, do you hear that?  I'm at the bottom of the pumpkin.   I'm hitting some really tough spots here."  

Another thing, when your hand gets all slimy from the guts of the pumpkin, it is hard to push the bottom and keep a firm grip on this thing.   "My hand is getting tired from this device."  

I'd had enough of the Power Scoop, switched to a spoon and started scraping the insides that way.  I found it was much easier and less stress on my hand.   Eventually, I carved my pumpkin, with no help from the Power Scoop I might add.  

The Power Scoop is more of a trick than a treat!  It Doesn't Work!

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