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Sagging Pants Could Be Outlawed in Lubbock

Wearing saggy pants in Lubbock could soon be a crime. City Councilman Todd Klein says sagging pants lessen the quality of life in Lubbock and he wants them banned.

Councilman Klein will propose this new city ordinance at the November 20th city council meeting. Klein believes that someone, male or female, who wears their pants too low should pay a fine. Too low for Klein is half way down the backside or more - exposing bare skin or underwear.

Klein acknowledges there are many other things the city should be focusing on but, in his words, the city can walk and chew gum at the same time.

"Address those things that take care of the daily operations of the city and address those things that make living in Lubbock a pleasant experience," said Klein.

Klein says that if the ordinance passes it shouldn't be a priority that takes time away from police handling more pressing issues. But if the police see it, they should address it.

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