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Droopy Drawers Or No Droopy Drawers, That Is The Question In Lubbock

Friday night there was a common theme among the students we talked too - they don't like the idea of an ordinance banning sagging pants. There was also a common theme among the parents - they say they're the ones who should be looking out for their kids.

Some students said:

"It's not bad; it's not nudity or anything you know?"

"I think it's just an older generation trying to put the younger generation down."

While some parents said:

"I don't think it should be the police that control that, it should be the parents call."

"Personally I don't think I would allow him to wear his pants like that to begin with."  

Sag or no sag, that is the question. At least for the Lubbock City Council come the November 20th council meeting.

"Pull up your pants," said Councilman Todd Klein.

Klein thinks that saggy pants are unacceptable for anyone. In fact, he thinks they lower Lubbock's quality of life.

"We've got community standards. We live in a free society but that doesn't negate that we have community standards and I think that people need to know that there are certain things that are just not acceptable," said Klein.

Klein's suggestion is that pants in the city go no lower than mid-rear.

"I think it's taking away freedom of expression, I mean it's not obscene," said one student. 

"Indecency or lewdness is not inherently a freedom of expression issue," said Klein.

Someone can walk down the street with really anything written on their shirt and face no fine. With the exception of no shirt, no shoes, no service - people can wear what they want. Can't they?

"We've got a constitution to live under but that constitution doesn't say that anything goes," said Klein.

But no matter the constitutionality of it or lack thereof, this issue will be on the council agenda for a vote. And if it passes, police would have the job of citing someone for saggy pants.

"I think we're looking at a nominal fine the first time, a larger one the second time, not any jail time," Klein added.

And for students that just isn't cool.

"I would say it'd be kind of OK But kind of not because it's a new style now of days."

"I don't like it personally. Since when is it not a free country?"

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