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First Hand Insight Into Robbery/Homicide

Courtesy: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office Courtesy: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office

"He waited until all of the other customers left and he came up to pay and instead of pulling out money he pulled out a big switch blade," said Texas Tech engineering student and Carl's Corner Convenience Store clerk, Alex Hamil.

Hamil recalls the moment he was robbed at knife point Saturday afternoon.

"It's this guy we've actually all seen before," Hamil said.

The alleged robber, 32 year old Jesse Jermane Pearson of Lubbock, does have a criminal past. But authorities have not released information about Pearson's previous charges.

"He got real close and put it right there so if he needed to he could cut somebody with it... I'd say tops... Like tops... He got $800 bucks," said Hamil.

And then Hamil says Pearson ran out of the store, got into this green Toyota Tercell and fled. But as Pearson was leaving, another store employee was arriving for his shift.

"Follow him and get his tags. And he was like what? I said follow him, he just robbed me, follow him and get his tags," Hamil said.

So the other store employee, Jace Martin followed Pearson in his white Jeep Cherokee. And it didn't take long for Martin to catch up because Pearson's Toyota broke down at this intersection at MLK and US-84.

"Jace and I were both talking to 9-1-1 at the same time. And he said he sat back and the guy, looked around and got out of his car and Jace said he got out of his car because he didn't want to be in a vulnerable, prone position," Hamil said.

Allegedly Pearson ran toward Martin.

"He was fumbling in his jacket or his pockets for something and Jace backs up and pulls out his rifle and puts a bead on the guy," Hamil added.

Pearson allegedly then got into Martin's Jeep and took off.

"And he tried to hit him with the car and that's when Jace shot him," said Hamil.

Moments later Lubbock Police and Sheriff's Deputies arrived at the intersection of US-84 and MLK. Pearson died en route to the hospital.

"It is a homicide investigation as well as the case of the armed robbery so we're going to work them in the case as a continuing episode," said Major Don Carter with the Lubbock Sheriff's Department.

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