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Abner and Tara's Mission To Fight Prostate Cancer

It was seven weeks ago that Abner had surgery to remove prostate cancer. Since then, he is on a mission to make others aware of the need for early screening. Since it is often the wife who gets the credit for pushing a man to get checked for prostrate cancer, you are going to be seeing Abner and his wife Tara on television to make this plea together.

"Hello, I'm Abner Euresti and I'm Tara Euresti. Over two hundred thousand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Thanks to Tara who made me go to the doctor, I am a cancer survivor. We are encouraging men to get screened early, and we are asking the wives, mothers, and daughters out there to help."

Abner and Tara are launching a team effort by Covenant, UMC, the Junior League and KCBD to provide free vouchers at Holiday Happening. The hope is that thousands of women who shop at Holiday Happening will pick up a voucher for a free prostate exam and encourage their husbands, boyfriends, or dads to use the voucher in the next couple months.

This year's Holiday Happening event will be at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center in Lubbock on November 14-18th. Click here for a complete schedule of events.

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