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Consider This... Lubbock's District Attorney's Office

I hear dangerous criminals in Lubbock County are getting tougher sentences. That is great news, and a huge pat on the back goes to Matt Powell and the entire District Attorney's office. I for one am glad Mr. Powell has a tough-on-crime approach.

I'm disappointed, however, that other city hall issues have been taking up his time. Our DA shouldn't have to be inspecting illegal e-mails, looking into illegal meetings by council members, and double checking that our city secretary is correctly counting recall signatures.

Now these are all important issues that Mr. Powell now has an obligation to inspect, and I'm big on enforcing open meetings laws, but shouldn't we expect our city government to know better?

Don't we elect these folks to watch our backs, not to be watched? And shouldn't our high priced city attorney and her huge staff do a better job ensuring the rules are followed, before the district attorney is forced to get involved?

So consider this, thank you Matt Powell for keeping the bad guys in prison and out of our neighborhoods, and don't get distracted by city politics and issues that shouldn't end up on your desk in the first place.

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