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Tiny Seeds Making Radiation Easier

Here's something new to make radiation easier, Brachatherapy. In treating Breast Cancer, that means instead of using a radiation machine, tiny radioactive seeds are inserted with a catheter into the breast near the cancer. "The little seed lines are exactly where the radioactive seeds would be. When the treatment is finished, the wires are removed," says Dr. Simon Powell, Radiation Oncologist.

What is the benefit? The radioactive seeds target the specific area with much less exposure to healthy tissue, and it means less treatment time for the patient. Instead of the traditional six or seven weeks of radiation, Brachatherapy is done in five days.

Brachatherapy is widely used for Prostate Cancer, but only a few centers across the country are using it now for breast cancer. One of those is Arrington Cancer Center here in Lubbock.

This convenient treatment is intended for Stage One Cancers that are discovered early, so that's another good reason to keep up with self exams and yearly mammograms.

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