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How Dangerous Are Pit Bulls?

"You have to be a responsible pet owner. And when you own a Pit Bull, you have to have twice the responsibility of other owners because of the stigma of this breed," says Jane Brewer.

Brewer is a Pit Bull expert and owner who loves the breed. In fact, one is in her care at Acres North Veterinary Hospital after he was attacked by other dogs.

"This is Bourbon. Bourbon is a Pit Bull Terrier who was brought to the clinic with severe injuries to his left rear leg," Brewer said.

Bourbon was calm, nearly falling asleep in Brewer's arms. But she says she would never leave Bourbon alone with other dogs.

"We created these dogs to fight. That's what we breed them to do. Anything we put them in the pit with, they had to have game, is what it's called," Brewer said. 

Brewer says that "game" means they fight until the death.

"You take the dog with high game drive that likes to chase small things that move and you put it in a sub-standard home with inadequate fencing or you put it on a chain and you're just asking for trouble," said Brewer. 

Brewer feels that Pit Bulls aren't the problem but thinks it's their owners. Specifically, owners who don't socialize their Pit to other dogs or people.

"Many Pit Bulls live their lives on chains, and it is documented that chained dogs are two and a half times more likely to attack than unchained dogs," Brewer added.

Much like how Retrievers know to retrieve with little or no training, Pit Bulls know to fight. And Brewer says it's not out of anger. In fact, she says if you were to hear two Pit Bulls fight you wouldn't hear growling or barking, just breathing as they do what the innately know how to do.

I asked, "What is the draw to this dog?"

"I think there are a couple different reasons. I think what you see right here with him is one draw. When you own this dog and you actually live with one you realize how people bonding they really are. Does that mean they still don't have animal aggression issues? No. They do and you have to have respect for that," Brewer replied.

Brewer says pit bulls are the most popular dogs in the country, much like Rottweilers and Doberman Pinchers were in the 1980's and ‘90's, and that's one reason you hear so much about them these days.

Brewer also stresses that these aren't the only dangerous dogs. She cited two instances here in Lubbock, one where a Golden Retriever attacked a member of the family and another where it was a small Dachshund that attacked.

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