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Hub City Bar Fights To Continue Pouring Drinks

A Hub City bar is fighting to continue pouring drinks. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission filed three violations against Jake's Sports Cafe and now the bar is appealing.

The TABC alleges two of the three violations happened at Jake's. We are told the other was at Buffalo Springs Lake when Jake's supplied alcohol for the boat races this summer. All three violations apparently occurred in June. However, in each situation the owners here say they did nothing wrong.

Co-Owner Scott Stephenson said, "I chose to go to court because we did the right thing. We did not serve a minor, we did not allow anybody to consume and we didn't serve an intoxicated person."

However, that is not what the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission claims. TABC Sgt. Michael Lockhart said they found the bar in violation this summer.

Lockhart adds the violations are, "In regards to sale of alcoholic beverage to a minor case, to a sale to an intoxicated person and permit a minor to possess or consume an alcoholic beverage."

 Two of those violations apparently happened the same night at Jake's.

"I feel that it's not a fair charge because in both of those instances we're trying to do the right thing," Stephenson said.

Stephenson claims a 17-year-old snuck into the bar with adults and was stealing drinks off the table, but was not being served herself.

"She passed out at that point; friends took her outside and were going to put her into a car. My security people saw this going on went over, the manager went out and the manager called the police or ambulance," Stephenson explained.

As for the violation at Buffalo Springs Lake, Stephenson claims the TABC used an unfamiliar ID during its sting.

"It says provisional license, which were not used to seeing those. We're used to seeing minor until. This was a new girl that was working for us. We in no way encouraged anyone to serve," said Stephenson.

Sgt. Lockhart tells NewsChannel 11, "This minor had a proper ID showing the minor to be 17 and presented the minor to the folks. In this case it was on a temporary permit out at Buffalo Springs Lake."

 A judge is expected to rule on this case in the next few weeks, that ruling could say there were never any violations or the bar could lose its mixed beverage permit, meaning Jake's would not be allowed to sell alcohol.


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