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Plainview Voters Say Yes to Alcohol

Once the votes are certified, Plainview businesses can apply for liquor licenses and start selling alcohol.

Out of the 4,500 people who voted in Plainview, 36 more voted yes to alcohol so in the near future restaurants, grocery and convenience stores will have the option to sell alcohol. But one restaurant owner says that, in the end, alcohol could hurt her business more than help it.

"We don't know if it's going to hurt or help. It will be something we decide over time," says Heather Waller, owner of Leal's Restaurant.

Tom Aday helped put alcohol on the ballot and believes it will bring in big bucks.

"I think this is a historic change for Plainview. Prohibition was repealed in 1932. After 75 years we repealed prohibition. It's a historical vote. It will bring historic changes to our community. I think it will bring historic growth," says Aday.

But Randy Kaufman, the chair for the Coalition to Protect our Youths in Plainview, is disappointed and believes the sale of alcohol will only serve up more trouble.

"We're hoping that some of the issues that we raised during the campaign will maybe help keep some of those bad things from happening within our city," says Kaufman.

Like it or not, alcohol is definitely the talk of the town.

"I'm extremely happy. I think it will help the community," says one Plainview voter.

"We've never lived in a place that has had liquor. We feel you don't bring things like that in and better the community," says another Plainview voter.

"I think it's great. If they don't do something, this town will dry up and blow away," says a Plainview voter.

It's opinions like these Waller will consider before she serves up margaritas with those fajitas.

"We are a family-oriented establishment. If and when we decide to bring alcohol, it's not going to be in your face," says Waller.

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