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The One Touch Jar Opener: Does It Work?

The One Touch Jar Opener is a job for our kitchen gadget expert.  Eveline Hallgren has trouble opening jar lids.  She says her hands just don't work the way they used to.   "I can't open it," she said about a tight jar lid.

The One Touch is battery powered.  It opens jars using two grippers located on the bottom of the product.  One gripper closes to get a firm grip on the jar and a second one grips the lid.  It rotates and is supposed to be tough enough to handle any tight lid.

We have about seven jars to try.  Some are brand new, some have been opened before.  However, the ones that were opened were closed tightly.

All you do is press the start button and the One Touch does the rest.   "Hey, it is moving!" exclaimed Eveline about a small pickle jar lid. 

Next up was a metal screw lid on a chicken bouillon jar.  Eveline was able to open it at first, but then I tightened it.  "I cannot open it now," she said. But the One Touch could and with no problem. 

We do have to mention that the opener doesn't work perfectly every time.  For instance, on a jalapeno jar that was brand new, the opener slipped off the lid.  Instead, we just held the opener firm against the lid while it twisted and it worked.

We tried a brand new large jar of pickles. It opened!  We tried an unopened jar of pizza sauce and a little jar of garlic. The opener didn't fail us one bit.  "This is definitely a must have," said Eveline.

We even tried it on a bottle of steak sauce and it worked.  "I want you to open my dinner," said Eveline.  She has some interesting taste in food.  Her oyster jar had a plastic lid on it and the jar opener even worked on that. 

Eveline was very impressed with the jar opener and so was I. This product works!

The One Touch Jar Opener is $20. To order this product click here.

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