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Lubbock Father Deals With Aqua Dots

New developments in an important health alert for all parents. A popular toy sent six more children to the hospital, while the manufacturer tries to figure out what went wrong.

The maker of Aqua Dots wants to know how the so called "date rape drug" ended up in their product.  A Chinese company makes Aqua Dots for Australia-based Moose Enterprises.

Children can arrange the colorful beads into patterns, and water fuses them together.

Several children got sick after eating the beads, and tests revealed they were coated with the toxic chemical GHB.  A spokesperson for Moose Enterprises says the ingredients were switched without their knowledge.

Stores across the country, and here on the South Plains took Aqua Dots off their shelves. Now parents must take them away from their kids.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with one father who's dealing with the clean-up and disappointment left behind.  

Matt Smith says his children collected more than 2,000 of the little beads. Now, the family wants all of them out of their home.

"Literally, all over the floor in her room, Smith said. 

His family spent the past few days, getting Aqua Dots off the floor, out of the carpet, and away from the children.

"I was like, Aqua Dots, we actually have Aqua Dots. Usually when there's recalls it's something that someone else has," Smith said. 

The Smith's collection started with a birthday wish.

"My daughter was having her 5th birthday, and she saw Aqua Dots on the TV.  Her birthday came, and I went and found them," Smith said. 

He says it wasn't hard to find the tiny toys.

"Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, they're really all over the place, pretty popular," Smith said. 

Soon, the whole Smith family started creating their own Aqua Dot fun.

"It takes about a half an hour, and you're putting them in their right little holes, and you spray them with water; we had a ball," Smith said. 

Now, play time is over.

"She was pretty bummed," Smith said. 

He promised to take the dots back, and get his kids something else to enjoy, but Smith says he'll be checking where the new toys are made.

"I'm losing faith in toys made in China. It's going to take a second glance now, where is this toy made?  Whereas before, I guess I kind of trusted it.  If it came here, to these major retailers, certainly it's not going to be harmful, deadly," Smith said. 

Aqua Dots are pretty small, and again the problem comes when people eat them.  Children can become sleepy or go unconscious, have seizures, go into comas, or even die, so if you do have them, you'll want to get them out of your home.

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