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22-Year-Old Veteran Observes Veterans Day

Cody Osborn was born just a stones through away from Oakwood United Methodist Church. Sunday, like every Veterans Day, the church celebrated and gave thanks for our nation's veterans.

"It's just a chance to speak about what's happened to me and how I'm feeling. I guess it's a little bit of a healing process," said Cody.

At the young age of 22, Cody was part of a team that disabled IED's or what we know as roadside bombs. Ironically, after disabling more than 130 IED's, on his last day in Iraq, his vehicle hit a roadside bomb.

"I had a piece of steel come through my windshield and through my steering wheel and my hand," Cody said.

Cody was flown to Germany, then to Washington D.C. and finally El Paso, where a world class surgeon performed six surgeries to restore Cody's hand. Sunday Cody thanks his fellow soldiers for the strength they all get from each other while serving.

"You're never alone. Everybody you work with ends up becoming your family. If there's something you can't handle on your own you've got them to rely on no matter what," said Cody.

When asked the question we all know the answer too, would you go back?

"As soon as someone says hey, you're going back to Iraq or hey, you're going somewhere else, I'm gone," said Cody.

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