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Tech Fans React To Leach Criticizing Officials

All the students we spoke with say there were some questionable calls, but say Leach shouldn't be punished for saying what hundreds of fans also thought. 

Leach called out the referees at Saturday's game against UT.  That's against Big 12 rules, and now he could face a fine, suspension, or reprimand. 

"I've never commented on it in eight years, but something needs to be said, and I'm going to say it," Coach Leach told NewsChannel 11 on Saturday. 

He chose his words carefully after the 59-43 loss to Texas, but his comments lead to one conclusion.

"This is the second year in a row that an Austin resident has, through officiating, negatively impacted the football game, the integrity of the football game," Leach said. 

Tech fans seem to agree.

"Some of the Texas calls favored them a lot," Michael Lozano said. 

"I thought a few of them were questionable," Colin DuBois said. 

"We always get the shaft," Lara Kei said. 

Referees called a pass to Michael Crabtree incomplete.

"Which is one of the greatest I've ever seen that Crabtree caught on the sidelines," Leach said. 

They reversed a touchdown after replay showed the ball hit the ground.

"They took two touchdowns off the board," Leach said. 

On the next play, the T.D. didn't count again, after refs called holding against Tech, but Leach says Texas should have been called for roughing quarterback Graham Harrell.

"It happens sometimes on the road, what can I say," DuBois said. 

"You can't blame the whole losing on a couple of calls," Logan McLean said. 

"Do you think Coach Leach should be punished for talking about the officials," NewsChannel 11 asked. 

"I don't know, not really because if you think about it we all do it," Kei replied. 

"I think he was right about it," Lozano said. 

"This whole do everything status quo and oh my gosh the conference might fine you, sometimes it's just the right thing to do," Leach said. 

"We've gotten into a culture where if anyone speaks out against certain things they're liable for fine, and I think a coach should be able to tell the truth," DuBois said. 

"He's trying to tell the problem, and I think they should fix it," Manjinder Hayer said. 

Leach says last year he kept quiet about some questionable calls, and regretted it. He says the Big 12 should look at hiring out-of-conference officials for the Texas game, and maybe some others where bias could create a problem.

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