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Consider This... No More Excuses

This year's Holiday Happening event takes on special meaning here at NewsChannel 11. You may recall our own Abner Euresti's recent experience becoming a cancer survivor.

You might have also seen Abner and his wife Tara on the airwaves encouraging you to stop by this year's Holiday Happening and pick up a voucher for a free PSA screening. That's a simple blood test that could help catch prostate cancer early.

I was surprised to find out that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. But if caught early, it's one of the most treatable cancers.  

So consider this, Abner's experience and now passion for the issue has taught me one thing, the time for excuses has passed. I'll be getting screened and I want to encourage other men to do the same.

NewsChannel 11 has partnered with both University Medical Center and Covenant Health System to give you a choice of hospitals. The voucher is good until January 31st. So join me, Abner and countless others and mark prostate cancer off your new year's resolution list.

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