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The Kapoosh: Does It Work?

I bet this happens to you with your knives in a wood block.  It is almost like pinning the tail on the donkey.   Except, you're dealing with sharp knives.   But then, came along the Kapoosh. Cool name, funky feel.   "They feel like bristles," I said.

Here's one woman's take on this product.  "It allows me to mix and match knives."  Her point is, if you buy a knife set, the block exclusively holds those knives. The Kapoosh claims it can hold them all.  For $30, Does It Work?

I quickly found out the knives easily slide into the Kapoosh and I didn't have to fish around for the slot. Over time, when the Kapoosh gets dirty, all you do is remove it and stick it in the dishwasher.  I think the Kapoosh works!

You can buy this product for $30 at Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens 'N Things.

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