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Do Our Elected Officials Vote?

They depend on you to elect them to office. Your votes can make or break their campaigns, but when it comes time for elected officials to head to the polls, are they following through?  We took a closer look at the voting records of city, county, and state leaders in our NewsChannel 11 Investigation.

We focused our investigation on our local leaders, from the Lubbock City Council, to Lubbock County Commissioners, LISD School Board Members, state legislators, even Congressman Randy Neugebauer.  We checked which of them voted in last week's election.

Their campaigns call on you to vote with signs, ads, and sometimes accusations. Last year Tom Martin brought up Mayor David Miller's voting record saying Miller did not vote in two elections.

"I did miss them. I'm just human like the rest of us," Miller told NewsChannel 11 in 2006. 

Now, Miller is part of the city council, voting on important issues, as our other elected leaders do. So, are they taking that responsibility to the ballot box?

"I think it's very important. I mean, there's laws and they have to be voted on, and people walk around saying, complaining about them, but when you ask them, did you vote, no, then why are you complaining," one Lubbock voter said. 

Folks we spoke with say voting is everyone's duty.

"If you're a U.S. Citizen it's important to vote," one voter said. 

"We all have the same responsibility," added another. 

Some say elected officials have an even greater responsibility.

"They should make an example to every body else that they're out there voting," one Lubbock voter said. 

Last week's election had low voter turnout, less than 10%, but we found Congressman Randy Neugebauer voted.  State Representatives Carl Isett and Delwin Jones voted.  State Senator Robert Duncan voted.  

Each member of the LISD School Board voted, as did each of the Lubbock County Commissioners, but we found one member of the Lubbock City Council didn't cast a ballot, Phyllis Jones.

We spoke with Jones on the phone Tuesday. She told us she tries to never miss an election and had every intention of voting in last Tuesday's election as she's done for many years. 

Jones says she got caught up Tuesday, and didn't make it to her polling place. She says she's the one who lost out.

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