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Lubbock Needs Water And You're Going To Pay

Lubbock has a draining problem on the horizon at Lake Meredith and the well fields in Bailey County. Those sources have brought water to Lubbock homes for decades. But it won't last long. The Bailey County well fields are expected to dry up within 50 years and Lake Meredith is at a record low. So the city is turning Southeast - to Lake Alan Henry.

"As we look at this Alan Henry project, again we're looking ahead, looking ahead to make sure Lubbock has water for our future," said Deputy City Manager Tom Adams.

The solution, there's water. The problem, there's no way to get it to Lubbock and that's where you come in.

"An average residential customer might see a $15 to $20 per month increase in their bill," said Adams.

Adams adds that amounts to $212 million for a 50 mile pipeline, water treatment and distribution plant.

"Constructing pipeline is very expensive. There's not much we can do about it. It is what it is. If we want to bring that water to Lubbock then we have to get that pipeline in place," Adams said.

And building now could prevent Lubbock from having problems other cities are already facing.

"My hope is that we have that project complete before Lubbock would have a situation like Atlanta where they realize they've got three months of water and then they have no alternative. We want to make sure Lubbock has an alternative," added Adams.

That alternative is expected to assure a water supply for years to come.

"Once its in place, it will serve Lubbock for 50, 100 years," Adams said. 


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