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Life Vest; A Wearable Defibrillator

It's the world's first wearable defibrillator, and it's saving lives with the shock of a vest. It's called the Life Vest.

If a patient goes through a sudden cardiac arrest, it delivers a shock and restores the heart to its normal rhythm. This happened to 83-year-old Luis Valenzuela two months ago.

"I'd say it's like having a doctor 24 hours a day, wearing the vest. It did its purpose. He had that massive heart attack on the 29th, and the Life Vest saved his life." said Amon Valenzuela, Luis's son.

The Life Vest is worn at all times and weighs two-and-a-half pounds. It is mainly for those who are waiting for a permanent fix.

Already, the Life Vest has saved about 100 people across the country. The Life Vest is manufactured by LifeCor Incorporated.

Medicare and most insurance companies will cover the rental expense which is about $3200 a month.

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