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Police Need Your Help To Find Missing Lubbock Woman

Source: LPD Source: LPD

A Lubbock woman is missing and police need your help to find her.

Last Friday, a boyfriend reported Rebecca Tomasa Leyva missing. The 42-year-old is about 5' 5'' tall, 150 pounds with reddish hair and brown eyes.

Leyva is one of the 70 missing adult cases Lubbock police have received this year. Typically, police are able to solve those cases by making a few phone calls and checking addresses. However, in Leyva's case, police said there is a possibility she could be in danger, which is why they issued a missing person poster on Tuesday, in an effort to be safe instead of sorry.

On November 8th, Rebecca Leyva left her home and police say she not been heard from since.

"She had an argument with her boyfriend with whom I believed she lived. She left with a suitcase and left on her free will from everything we can tell and her family has not heard from her," Lubbock Police Lt. Gregory Stevens said.

Lt. Stevens said Leyva's boyfriend reported her missing eight days later.

"We don't have any strong suspicions of foul play, kidnapping, violent crime or anything of that nature," Lt. Stevens added.

Lt. Stevens told NewsChannel 11 a missing person poster is created only after detectives look into a case. During which they try to determine if the person is missing voluntarily.

"The circumstances that surround the last time they were seen, how many people saw them the last time as well as how long it's been and the information that the family has given us and things like that," Lt. Stevens said.

However, in Leyva's situation police said there was only one person who last saw the 42-year-old almost two weeks ago.

"In this instance here there wasn't a group of people that saw her last. There was only one person," added Lt. Stevens.

If you have any information about Leyva, you are asked to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

Police told us Leyva is the only missing adult case they are actively investigating. Since our 6 p.m. broadcast on Tuesday, they have determined two others are no longer missing person cases.

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