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The Wonder Vase: Does It Work?

A vase you can shape?  Yeah, believe it!  The package says it all, "from flat to fancy in seconds."  I've got to know, Does It Work?

So I headed over to Box of Rain Flower Shop owner Pam Marshall.  "Looks like a good idea," she said. Pam has lots of pretty flowers to choose from, "nice bright colors."

You get three color vases in your package: blue, green and clear. They come flat in the package, but don't worry, they won't stay that way. When you fill it up with warm water, it is supposed to soften up so you can shape it, just about any way you want. 

Pam came up with a funky design.  I like to call it the leaning tower.  Then, when you fill it with cold water, the shape is supposed to harden.

"I was surprised it hardened up enough to hold its shape," Pam said.

There's only one problem.  You can't really shape it anyway you want. Our first shape just didn't work, but we tried again.  "OK, this one is folded over," said Pam about the green vase.  The blue one, well, Pam just made it look tall and slender, nothing fancy.

While Pam was decorating the vases she created, I reshaped the clear one to see if I could make a funky shape. This time, instead of the leaning tower, I went "full figure."   "That is cute," said Pam about my hour glass shape. 

I left fixing the flowers up to Pam.  She is the expert and boy did she do a great job. So, what does she think?  "I think they're fun," she said.

For ten bucks, you really can't beat the deal.  I think the Wonder Vase works!

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