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Bush Urges to Ban Human Cloning

President Bush urged strong support on Wednesday for a bill to ban human cloning. Bush made his remarks in front of a group of doctors, scientists, religious activists, and the disabled. Bush urged the U.S. Senate to vote in favor of a cloning ban like the house did in July.

Most senators oppose cloning to create human beings, but many support using the cloning process to create embryonic stem cells for medical research. However, the President says anything short of a total ban on human cloning would be a huge mistake. "Our children are gifts to be loved and protected, not products to be designed and manufactured. Allowing cloning would be taking a significant step toward a society in which human beings are grown for spare body parts and children are engineered to custom specifications. That's not acceptable," said President Bush.

However advocates say cloning could provide scientists with cloned human embryos as a source of stem cells, for research into deadly diseases. "It can help with transplantation. They can help with spinal cord injury, AIDs, Parkinson's, almost every disease you can imagine," said Mike Manganiello of the Coalition for Advancement of Med. Research.

Those who want the ban argue, that even cloned human embryos should not be sacrificed for research. "The proper role of medical research is to eradicate illness not to create and destroy human beings," said Patricia Heaton, a cloning ban supporter.

The senate bill under consideration now makes it a crime to work on cloning human embryos. As it is now, without legislation, human cloning is legal.

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