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A Special Story Of Thanksgiving For Our Cotton Farmers

For cotton farmers on the South Plains this time of year is one of the hardest. It's time to strip the cotton, a job that for many goes virtually unnoticed. But for Bob Curtis or Bubba as he's known, the American farmer deserves our thanks every day.

"The American farmer is what puts the food on the table for Americans," said Bubba.

So Bubba has taken it upon himself to thank the farmers in a unique and special way.

"I'll be cooking probably 50 pounds today," he said.

"The generosity that he's exhibited here is really and inspiration," said Curtis Thomas, a local farmer.

Bubba's taking to the cotton fields to give thanks.

"We're going to prepare up some good stuff for 'em and feed 'em right there in the field... They don't have to come to town to eat," Bubba said.

From chicken and brisket to turkey and all the trimmings, Bubba believes it's the least he can do to show his appreciation.

"We need to be thankful. We just need to be more thankful than I think people are because people take a lot of things for granted," he said.

"These guys all flew off their rigs and bellied up here to the food bar so I think they're all pretty excited," said Thomas.

"My mother used to say that the way to a mans heart's through his stomach. And so we're not necessarily trying to win hearts today, we're just trying to let our heart show what's on the inside," Bubba added.

Now you may know Bubba. He's the guy at all Texas Tech football games handing out barbeque and that's just another way he celebrates Thanksgiving every day.

"I think that we as individuals should show appreciate to... Not only farmers but to everyone," Bubba said.

And for Curtis Thomas and his 18 men crew, there's no way to gauge their appreciation.

"The fact that he came out here to us is quite a statement, it's been a lot of fun. We've enjoyed some good food and the act of appreciation he's displayed to our group is greatly appreciated," said Thomas.

"I tell you what. I think we ought to give thanks every day. I think every day ought to be thanksgiving," added Bubba. 

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