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Holiday Snow Freezes Harvest

The snow is melting, and now farmers and gin operators are trying to get back into the field after weekend snow froze their harvest. NewsChannel 11 checked in on Lamesa where growers saw more than eight inches fall on their fields.

A little snow, and a lot of puddles, it's all that's left of the four-day holiday weekend that dumped several inches on area cotton crops. While it provided some folks with a fun activity, it stopped farmers in their tracks.

"It's slowed us down quite a bit," Tracy Birkelbach from Adcock Gin said. 

He told NewsChannel 11 local cotton fields are only around 50% stripped.

"Of course everybody would like to be finished before any kind of weather like this happens," Birkelbach said. 

Monday's warm temperatures melted off quite a bit of the snow, but now farmers are left with a muddy mess.  That's preventing some gin operators from getting trucks into the field to pick up the cotton modules.

"We have been able to haul some modules, but it's very selective as to where we've been able to get into the fields and get those out," Birkelbach said. 

For now, crews at Adcock are keeping busy with what's already on the yard.  They also have to take some extra steps due to the snow.  Monday, workers used shovels to scrape snow off the top of the modules before they ran through the gin.

"We can probably run just about a week, so if we don't get any more bad weather, we'll be okay," Birkelbach said. 

Not many growers have had to deal with a situation like this before.

"Not in this area, at least not in my time anyway," Birkelbach said. 

He hopes to get more trucks into the fields Tuesday, while farmers predict they won't be able to get in until the end of the week.

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