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Food for Thought Report 4.11

It's Food for Thought Thursday and that means it's time to tell you what City health inspectors found as they headed into the kitchens of food establishments around Lubbock and out in the county.

Inspectors found zero critical violations in the same area school district. Roosevelt Elementary School and Roosevelt High School are both Top Performers this week with zero critical violations.

Our featured Top Performer is a place you 'knead' to know about. You might not sit down at a table inside their restaurant, because they don't have one. But chances are at one time or another, you've served one of their products at your own dinner table.

Boy, do they know dough, and lots of it for that matter. Mrs. Baird's Bakery at 202 Broadway is a Food for Thought Top Performer this week with zero critical violations. So bread eaters, rest assured, if your bread came from this bakery, it's being handled with care and cleanliness. "We extend as far north as there southern parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, over west into New Mexico and as far south as Abilene," said Plant Manager John Kappelman.

Kappelman says keeping this giant operation running smoothly is a team effort. And there's no 'loafing' when it comes to following strict sanitation guidelines. "We have a full staff sanitation crew, they follow a master sanitation schedule, and they follow the principles spelled out by the American institute of baking for establishing food safety and food quality and food integrity," says Kappelman.

Kappelman adds that letting customers know their fresh baked, good tasting bread is also prepared with the highest and cleanest standards is a good thing, any way you slice it. "I hope to tie it into Baird's long standing reputation of high quality, that the sanitation of the plant is a big part of that so i just feel that will continue their trust and long standing quality of Mrs. Baird's products."

There are no low performers this week.

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