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Tattoo Worries For Women

A lot of young women are having a tattoo panic later in life after carefully placing their body art on the lower back. The question is when you're pregnant can you get an epidural if that needle needs to go right through that tattoo design? The answer is maybe.

An epidural is an injection in the lower back to block pain and it's commonly given to women during childbirth.

Spine specialist Dr. Scott Jarmain says there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about epidurals and tattoo ink. He says there really isn't enough evidence yet to know if there is a medical reason not to point a needle through the ink, but he says doctors will look for a spot with no ink.

"If she had to get a tattoo, I'd try to convince her to get a tattoo and put it over the upper part of the butt left or right and keep it smaller because when the tattoo is so big it leaves the doctor with very little room to put the needle." said Dr. Jarmain.

Of course, Dr. Jarmain says the real fear when it comes to any tattoo is the spread of hepatitis or infection through the use of dirty needles.

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