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Consider This... Party Patrol

The recent crackdown by Lubbock police on student partying in neighborhoods is causing quit a buzz.

On one side, police are being accused of over stepping their bounds and issuing blanket citations to the masses unlawfully. On the other side, you have the neighbors of these students who just want a little peace and quiet.

To me it's pretty simple...I appreciate a no tolerance policy when it comes to my neighborhood. So consider this, if there are loud parties going on after midnight on my street, I want the police heavily involved.

If you are at a late night party with underage drinking going on, you probably already know you could get in trouble. If you're at a loud party on a quiet street all hours of the night, you probably already know something is wrong with that picture.

The police have tried the warning system and it didn't work, so if the end result is a peaceful neighborhood with less illegal partying going on, I say keep issuing tickets until they get the message.

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