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When a Woman is Ovulating

With so many couples waiting later in life to start a family, it helps to have as much control as possible in getting pregnant as soon as you decide that's what you want. The first step in getting pregnant on demand is understanding when the woman in ovulating, and that's why a lot of couples today are turning to Donna for help. Donna is an FDA approved ovulation predictor that works by using the woman's saliva. Debbie Zucker used Donna and is now five months pregnant.

"I looked at the calendar, but I really wanted a little more assurance than just going by the numbers because it could vary from month to month, cycles," says Debbie Zucker who used Donna.

It is really pretty simple. The woman licks a little plastic disk , puts that into a lipstick sized holder and waits a few minutes. When the saliva is dry, you just have to look through the lighted microscope lens and look to find a distinctive fern pattern. The Donna ovulation predictor is based on a well known hormonal effect.

"As you approach ovulation, the estrogen level in your body increases. This then increases the salt content in the saliva. So when you place the saliva on the microscope slide under the microscope and it dries you can see a crystallized salt pattern called a fern pattern," said Anita Sadaty, M.D., an Ob-Gyn.

In addition to being somewhat more convenient than the urine needed for other ovulation predictors, time is an advantage here. The Donna gives women a window of three to four days advance notice of ovulation, so there is no rush to conceive after the test says it's time. One caution, though, the Donna is not reliable for women taking hormones like birth control pills or fertility drugs, and it is expensive. It sells for about $60, but it's reusable for up to nine months, which might turn out to be a good deal if you need to use it often. Right now, the Donna is only available online.

You can call toll free 1-866-BUY-DONNA, or you can (click here).

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