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Dear Consider This,

I think you are right about this, but to me, the crackdown is just one of those issues that few registered voters are going to disagree with. Its like when a politician says "I'm going to crack down on crime." The individuals engaged in those parties are not likely vote, nor or they likely to work for a living. So this is a winning issue for the police and the elected officials. They are sure to please the people that matter most: the voters. My problem with today's "Consider This" is that it doesn't take much courage to come out and say "I am against crime" or "I'm against late night partying." When politicians invoke such statements, what they are actually doing is changing the subject, distracting voters from what are clearly more pressing issues.

For instance, when do you think Jere Hart is going to get around to timing the street lights? Do you know that if you go the speed limit in Chicago, you will hit a green light at every instrsection? The same is true for a remarkable number of large cities. Yet in Lubbock, if you go the speed limit down 50th street for example, you're going to hit a red light at every intersection. The same is true for just about every street in Lubbock, with the possible exception of Slide Road. This is really just one of several issues that our elected officials are incapable of solving. So excuse me when I just yawn when everyone else is throwing their hats in for a "crackdown on crime." As they raise their glasses and dance around, the truly informed and educated citizens are going to be yawning.

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... but Dan, if the police are entering houses illegally, and violating civil rights by issuing tickets with no evidence, the police are out of line! I think that is the bigger issue. I'd just as soon protect our rights as citizens from an abusive police force, and tolerate some noise in the neighborhood.

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It is a good thing to crack down on the noise caused by student's partying but I don't think they should be harrassed. My daughter has been stopped or either searched by the cops every other wk if not every wk for something. Her and her friends were sitting and standing around at Market St and they were searched twice. Next time she was going to take a friend home and she was stopped-said she fail to yield/stop at stop sign but we went to look and there was no stop sign. When they searched my car at Mkt St they found nothing and never told her and friends why they were being searched. If they go to clubs, of course u know they can't have fun, house parties-too loud, standing around-loitering. So I, first of all want them to stop harrassing the kids because all of them are not causing trouble. Secondly, were are they allowed to have fun? The majority of them are looking for good clean fun. Any suggestions? CONSIDER!  

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I am appalled that Mr. Jackson would opt to endorse plainly illegal police tactics that violate Fourth Amendment rights. In so doing, Mr. Jackson is effectively encouraging, if not endorsing numerous multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuits against the city that are inevitable, given the egregious level of police misconduct in this situation.

If peace and quiet is what Mr. Jackson wants the police to enforce--fine. In such cases, police should issue citations for disturbing the peace. By contrast, what the police have been doing is to issue bogus citations for minors in possession to minors who are in fact, not in possession (of alcohol). Moreover, the police are doing this after illegally entering the premises.

Mr. Jackson therefore confuses legal citations with illegal police conduct. If he is that ignorant regarding the Fourth Amendment (referred to by a police spokesman as a pesky "technicality") then he should employ the services of a qualified attorney before making outrageous comments such as the one made in a commentary aired Nov. 28.

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Ditto to your editorial. People have the right to some peace and quite in their homes!

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Being a "victim"of this "Party Patrol", it is difficult to agree with what you said about letting the cops keep getting away with this. In my opinion, I think if neighbors are being disruptive, why not go over there yourself and let them know what is going on? If your warning does not work (meaning the loudness continues), then it is definitely ok to call the cops. But until then, "Respect thy Neighbor" and just be rational, go over there like the adult you should be and ask for the same respect you are giving them.

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Hi Dan,

I totally agree with you about the tickets and quiet neighborhoods.  I live with Tech students on my block in Tech Terrace and we do not let them have wild parties.  We are so happy that the police are finally giving tickets like they should and not warnings that they have to come back to.

If someone is doing something illegal or disturbing they deserve a ticket.  The rich Tech kids go crying to their parents who cannot believe that their angels have done anything wrong and they immediately higher a lawyer.

One tried this on our block until he found out that several of us were coming to court to back up the police officer along with the Tech Terrace neighborhood association president.  He backed off the morning of the court date. 

This is wasting the courts time and I know this is annoying to the judges, but it is their job and I did not like the comments of the one, almost comdening the tickets or the police for doing their jobs.

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NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson discusses what he believes to be a pretty good decision made by the Lubbock City Council.

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