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Lubbock Fans Find Ways To Watch The Cowboys

Dallas took on Green Bay Thursday night, but Lubbock's largest cable provider wasn't able to broadcast the game. Suddenlink and the NFL Network couldn't strike up a deal, forcing hundreds of fans to find somewhere else to watch the Cowboys take on the Packers.

Hundreds of fans packed local restaurants and sports bars.  At some locations there was standing room only, but others stayed at home after installing new satellite systems to catch the game.

"We've didn't have any idea that it was going to be this busy," 24-Hour Dish Television co-owner Mark Kiger said. 

New customers called into local satellite installers, saying they wanted to see the Cowboys.

"It's been pretty crazy to say the least," Kiger said. 

Crews spent Thursday afternoon setting up systems throughout town.

"To be honest with you, we've done some many I can't even really count," Kiger said. 

Those who couldn't catch the game at home packed local sports bars and restaurants.  The line at Buffalo Wild Wings stretched out the door, and inside there was standing room only.

"I think it's pretty crazy that we have to stand up to watch the game," Adam Arteaga said. 

"I think they all need to go home; it's way too packed in here, and I'm trying to watch the game too," Jaquez Justice laughed. 

Places you might not suspect also opened their doors to fans craving their fill of the Cowboys, like Henry D's inside United at 50th and Avenue Q.

"We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to be able to watch the game," Food Service Manager J.D. Pence said. 

"Are you upset you can't watch the game at home," NewsChannel 11 asked.

"Yes, very upset," Arteaga said. 

"Yes I am, they should show that too," Justice said. 

"My parents are from Dallas, and they weren't going to play it there, but one of the local channels picked it up, so it was kind of frustrating," Camille Matthews said. 

"Just had to come out and try to find some way to watch it," Arteaga said. 

When Texas Tech played in the Insight Bowl, Suddenlink and the NFL Network struck a last minute deal, but it was not permanent. We'll have to wait and see if the two sides ever reach a long standing agreement.

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